The Elite Gymnastics Academy has a competitive team that consist of the JO (Junior Olympic) and XCEL programs.

In the JO program, there are level requirements which must be accomplished before being allowed to compete, or to move ahead to the next level. Everyone does the exact same routines, with the exact same skills. JO trains from 6 – 10 hours per week depending on level.

In the XCEL program, the requirements are flexible enough that the gymnast can do skills that they enjoy, or are successful at while at the same time, meeting the level requirements. Each routine is customized to fit the gymnasts strengths. XCEL trains 6 hours per week

Team Calendar

2015-2016 SCHEDULE*
October 23 – Ruidoso
November 20 – NAWGJ
December 4 – Gym Magic
January 22 – PGA
February 19 – SAGA
March 4 – 2-3 State
March 11 – 4-5 State
March 18 – Optional & Excel State

Elite Gymnastics Team Photo